Sub Contract Die Cutting & Outsourcing

Typically, companies decide to outsource all or some of their die cut parts for one of three reasons:

  • General outsourcing policy
  • Temporary peaks in production need fulfilling
  • Uncertainty about machine investment for in-house operation
After being asked to provide this service for many years, we at GCT have launched a new sub contract die cutting and outsourcing division to serve existing and new customers.

Our impressive machine register incorporates virtually every style and size of die cutting press in order to produce low volume batch requirements, bulk high volume batches and everything in between.

We are currently using swing arm cutting presses and travelling head cutting presses for short to medium length runs of small to medium sized components. Our fixed beam cutting presses are cutting larger components, usually from sheets. Our receding head cutting presses are cutting medium to large sized components from rolls as well as sheets. For high volumes, we have automatic travelling head cutting presses which will handle rolls and sheets of material.

Kiss cutting and re-reeling applications are accommodated by our high speed kiss cutting presses. We also pack, label and handle logistics for our customers when required. For very specialised applications, if the contract is ongoing and sufficiently large, we will even design and procure special purpose die cutting presses [and ancilliary equipment] and also consider other down stream activities. This unique combination of facilities provides a diverse and professional contract cutting service for our customers.

So, if you are not sure if you can justify any machine investment at the moment - No problem. Talk to us about sub contract die cutting. Our brand new facility and our unbeatable expertise are waiting to serve you. Let us help you with a full proposal including cutting, tooling, advice and competitive pricing to get you off to a flying start. And then, when you are ready, move up to a cutting solution tailored to your needs. Believe us, no one offers this total cutting solution at every step of the way like we do!

For more technical information on this service, please contact us on +44 (0)1933 676 060 or alternatively email us at