CNC Knife Cutting Machines

Complementing other areas within our cutting machine range, the GCT CNC knife cutting tables bring even greater versatility to the cutting process.

These beautifully made, sophisticated machines are produced by one of the largest, specialized manufacturers of CNC cutting tables in the world.

This total focus on innovative machines with very elegant software has culminated in a sophisticated range of CNC knife cutting machines which will cut an ever increasing range of materials at maximum speed with minimum waste.

This very wide range of flatbed cutting machines includes models with fixed beds and moving conveyors so that any material format – sheet, roll or a combination of both, can be processed.

Ideal for short run, fast response working, these systems are also eminently suitable for full scale production as well as prototyping.

Add to this the large range of cutting tools that can be carried on the multi-tool cutting head – fixed blade, pizza wheel [rotary blade], electric or pneumatic oscillating blade, milling and routing, kiss cut, ultrasonic and pen – and the sheer versatility is clear.

GCT reserves the right to modify or change specifications without prior notice
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