Die Cutting Presses

GCT are leading experts in die cutting and are the number one suppliers of machines for any die cutting application in the UK. We have created this section of the website as a resource for customers who need to know more about die cutting, need to learn which die cutting press is best for their application and those who want to find the right model for their needs
What is Die Cutting?
If you're not sure what die cutting is, read our article which explains all about die cutting. Read the Article
Applications of Die Cutting
GCT can supply machines for all types of die cutting and we can recommend machines based on the materials you need to cut and individual application. View our Die Cutting Applications page to learn more
Die Cutting Presses
If you know exactly what kind of die cutting machine you're looking for, view our die cutting presses page to see the wide range of die cutting presses GCT supply

Did you know?

That these machines are often known as ‘clicker presses’ due to the historic way of cutting patterns in the shoe industry? Originally, leather cutting operatives used to produce cut parts by using a hand held knife which they would run around a pattern or template. These patterns had a brass edging to protect the template and as the blade ran round the brass edging it produced a clicking sound. Hence the operatives became known as ‘clickers’. With the development of swing arm presses to do this job, the machines became known as clicker presses or clicking presses. The term remains in use to this day.