Nova Products Range

The Nova range has been specifically incorporated to create a range of new cutting machines at prices which are as close to reconditioned prices as possible.

Although we regularly recondition second hand machines, it is sometimes not possible to find a model which is the precise size a customer requires.

Equally, the customer often would prefer an up to date, new, fully guaranteed machine but his budget may not extend to that.

The Nova range addresses this and opens up a world of cutting solutions at truly amazing prices.

Models/machine styles covered are:- swing beam presses, travelling head presses, manual fixed beam presses and water jet cutting machines.
All have been carefully sourced and represent outstanding value for money.

For more detailed information about individual machines – click on the appropriate model below


All GCT machines are installed and serviced by our team of in-house service engineers, conveniently based in the Midlands. Customers have free access to our helpline and fast call out, when needed, is assured. GCT service is the best in the industry – ask anyone!
The Nova Range from GCT