Foam Laminating Machines

In response to numerous requests over many years for a low cost laminating system for the foam and associated industries, GCT are pleased to introduce the model K1 foam laminating machine which has been especially developed for this market.

It is all too common for many customers to adopt a ‘make do and mend’ approach with regard to laminating, often using a miscellany of rollers, blowers and manual labour to achieve less than satisfactory, inconsistent results.

The K1 is designed to achieve consistent results with minimal set up time whilst adopting a versatile approach to current and future requirements all at a very competitive level of investment.

In its entry level [and most popular format], the K1 will laminate self- adhesive paper to foam and other materials direct from the roll, either cold or with heating integrated into the processing rollers.

This machine is delightfully easy to set and to operate with the following features incorporated as standard:
  • Variable speed from 0 – 20 metres per minute.
  • Variable, easily set and monitored temperature control.
  • Variable roll spacing
  • Roll holder with electro- magnetic brake for film transfer
  • Rewind station with electronic clutch and fast acting air expansion shaft
  • Roll holder for adhesive film, 500mm diameter with air expansion shaft
An option package allows sheet fed material to also be processed ensuring complete versatility

For customers needing to process materials where an adhesive transfer film is required on both sides, the model K1-DS can be selected.

The K1 and K1-DS are just part of an extensive range of laminating systems which include more complex laminating solutions and can also incorporate slitting stations, cross cutting and guillotining stations, rewinding units.

These laminating machines are part of GCT’s complete systems approach which also includes:
Log Slitting MachinesHigh Speed Kiss Cutting PressesRotary Die Cutting Machines

GCT reserves the right to modify or change specifications without prior notice
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