Semi Automatic Collating

The GCM-M is a cleverly conceived semi-automatic collating machine to fill the gap between laborious single station manual collators and fully automatic, high speed gathering and collating machines. For many years, small to medium sized card manufacturers have had production inhibited by the manual collation method. Exponential output could only be obtained by installing multiple units and throwing more labour at the problem or by contemplating a fully automatic system – a step too far for many. Now, with the introduction of the GCM-M, one operator can easily and consistently produce 10 -12 sets of collated sets per minute. The operator has only to load the two inner core sheets and the machine does the rest. Ultrasonic welding heads weld and initially secure the inner core sheets which then automatically start their passage through the machine. Top and bottom overlays [with or without mag stripes] are fed from the roll to combine together with the inner core sheets. The next ultrasonic welding cycle takes place to bond all four layers together.

Cross cutting and separation is then carried out to convert the welded layers into the correct size after which the collated sets emerge rapidly from the machine and into the automatic stacking unit. The GCM-M offers real output benefits at a very realistic price. 

GCT reserves the right to modify or change specifications without prior notice
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